Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Elena's Eyes

Elena was featured in the newspaper in December. It's a short article but a good read. There are a few inaccuracies (like River is Elena's service dog, not companion dog) but it's good. Check it out! Check out more pictures here.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Exciting news

Exciting news guys! Elena is going to be featured in a local paper!

This past Saturday, a reporter from The Daily Harold came to Elena's dance class. It's a FREE class for kids with special needs. It's terrific and I am so greatful for it. Anyway, so this reporter was taking pictures for a story about benefits of dance. She thought Elena was the cutest (who doesn't?) and asked if she could do a feature. I said of course. Elena loved playing with her camera and said "Cheese!" every time she heard it click. She kept asking to take pictures and used the reporter's camera a lot.

She reporter said she wants to not just show how dance has influenced Elena's life but also to show she is just a normal kid. She is smart, funny, and just a kid. I like that. I don't want a pity story. She reporter will be coming over Thursday to see our nightly routine and take pictures. She wants to come a couple times and even to Elena's class, if she can. I'm excited but also nervous. I'm kind of speaking for the whole visually impaired/blind community (at least for some things) and I don't want to say anything wrong. Plus, I don't want her to see my messy house! I'm gonna get to cleaning right after I finish this. Mostly, I just have too much stuff for such a small apartment.

I'll keep y'all updated and will post a link when the article is published. Don't forget to follow @ABlindAngel on twitter for quick updates.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Postponed Q&A

Well I haven't heard from anyone about questions or interest in the live Q&A so I am postponing it. I still want to do it so please tell if if you are interested in doing this.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Need your questions

I'm prepping for the Q&A next week (either Friday or Saturday, will let you know) and am looking for some questions now. If I do it correctly, the Q&A will be live video so you can ask questions while it's happening but I'd like to get some specific questions now to prepare a bit. Some things I may have to look up or think about first and I want to be able to answer all questions the best I can.

So if you have any questions please ask them below in the comments. If you are planning on attending/watching the Q&A please also let me know in the comments below. Thanks guys.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

One of those days

WARNING: Rant ahead

*sigh* This morning was rough. It started with me waking up late which, you know, is the perfect way to start your day. Then I go to get Elena out of bed and she starts flipping out that she can’t Mr Duckie and I must find him and NOW. Honestly, I’m shocked I didn’t hear screams in the middle of the night when she discovered he was missing. Anyway, so I look on the floor, under blankets, under the stuffed animals, behind the bed, etc all while Elena is screaming that she wants Mr Duckie. After several minutes of looking and knowing that our time is running out if there is any chance of being to school on time, I tell her we’ll have to find it later. Boy, was that a mistake! The screams that came from that child was enough to wake the neighbors. Then came the flailing, throwing her body onto the bed and hitting her head with her feet…yes her feet. With a huge sigh, I take her into my arms and try to calm her while not getting hit. As I’m doing this I see a hint of yellow poking out from under the floor-length curtains. I pull them back and see Mr Duckie! I don’t know how I missed him when I already looked behind the curtains. I give Elena her duck and tears continue, though quieter, for a couple minutes.

Almost immediately after finally getting her Mr Duckie, Elena informs me that she won’t be going to school today. *sigh* It’s gonna be one of those days. I try to cheerfully tell her that school is fun and we both have school, which is also fun and cool. Then she doesn’t want to go to the bathroom. Doesn’t want to get dressed, brush her hair, or put her shoes on. Heck she didn’t even want to sit up so I could wrestle her shoes on. Then it’s more whining and she says she just wants to “stay home with Mom all day”. As much as I loved hearing that, it makes it difficult when trying to get her out the door.

Finally we are in the car and get to school only 5 minutes late which isn’t really that bad. When I get Elena out of the car she is all smiles and I shake my head in disbelief. Her aid meets us at the front door and walks her in. I am still in my PJs, not having had time to change so I rush home to change and head to school myself.

Now my class had ended and I have a few minutes to myself before I have to pick her up from school. Normally I do homework but it’s just one of those days. I wish I could say this behavior is new or rare for Elena but it’s not. Normally, though, I have more time to deal with it before school. Crossing my fingers tomorrow will be better.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Contact Info and BIG news

Hey y'all. How's everyone's day? I'm currently taking a lunch break at school so I thought I'd jot down a few things.

First, I can't remember if I've posted my email and even if I have, it's time to remind ya. So here it is.


I also have a Twitter account @ABlindAngel . I update twitter more than the blog because it is faster. I have a laundry list of blog posts to do but in the meantime, check out twitter. You have to request to follow so allow some time for me to approve.

I feel like, at this point, my terrible apologies for my lack of updates are worthless but I want to say sorry again. Not only am I trying to juggle the world of being a single mom, I am also crazy enough to be going to school. This is a major time suck so PLEASE bare with me. I do want to answer your questions. I WILL answer your questions....eventually. And that leads me to my BIG news.

Drum roll please.......

Coming soon, a LIVE-STREAMING Q&A!!

Yep. Live. You'll have my full attention. No waiting months for a reply! Imagine that! The date is not set yet but it will most likely be sometime between October 16-18. It will probably be on Twitter so if you don't have an account already, make one! Make one anyway so you can follow me!

So get your questions ready and keep an eye out for updates.

Have a great day y'all!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Reading practice

Here's a little video of Elena reading. She turned 6 on August 30. I'm so proud. 


In case you didn't know, or forgot, I have a twitter called  @ABlindAngel 

I update this more than the blog. I'm sorry about that. With my limited time I find it easier to put up a quick tweet than write out a full blog. I always plan to go back and write a post about my little tweet. One day I'll get to it. Heck, by the time I do I would have a book! Haha